photo 12 & 13

Sorry for the photo lapse, guys. It's been crazy busy and I'm trying to keep up!

Shawnee and Alison came over last night. Got some panther joose before babe's karaoke. because yeah, we got it like that.


photo 11

tonight was our last cosmetology class for the semester. we have one more semester to go. tonight we had a last class party, and we also went to another classroom where 2nd semester students had placed their final projects. our class got to vote on them! Unfortunately, the winner didn't make it into the photo frame, but it included lots of finger waves, glitter hairspray, spiral curls and a fake monroe rhinestone piercing. oh, i can't wait for next semester!


photo 10

after today, this is what i did. balanced my wine glass on the wine bottle, and posed with it. yeah.

i miss some of my friends. i miss you girls.. i wish we could all hang out again and have things be okay. hopefully, someday. until then, i'm doing everything i can to live right by myself and everyone else. it's a constant learning process.

i will be hanging out with some other friends this week that i don't see much, and i'm really excited. things could be worse.


photo 9

too tired to take a photo of anything. sorry there's a canned one for today.


photo 8

stayed up way too late to make a pumpkin pie for thanksgiving dinner #2 at dad's tonight. it's right after work so i had to make the dessert last night. i was carrying it, perfectly browned and amazing, to the fridge when the pie pan crumbled under my hands. words cannot describe how upset i was. it's probably sad that i was that angry.



photo 6

so many pies. no smoke in the house this time. happy thanksgiving.